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JavaFx for Mobile

Well, if you had thought that JavaFX was a competition to Adobe Flex, it doesn’t end there. Sun Microsystems is taking JavaFX to the next level. This time by taking it to the Mobile Eco-system.

Sun has tasted success with their Java ME as a platform Runtime for Mobiles and this time it is building rich applications for the Mobile. By bringing JavaFX to Mobile, Sun might be trying to compete with the lighter version of Flash A.K.A Flash Lite.

Following is the architecture of JavaFX for Mobility


To learn more about the same, visit the following link


One thought on “JavaFx for Mobile

  1. Yeah.. sun will keep trying things… but to be frank if you can try out the drag and drop things of Java FX from (JFX Builder), you will notice the huge difference btw a flash UI rendered by flex or cast VS the Typical Swing like UI shown by java… i must say, they are not even near… its just started to evolve…

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