Another day in my Life


Over last few days…. rather months i have been sulking a lot. The only reason i keep giving is that I am tired.

I am tired. Yes my body tells that to me. But what is the real reason behind it.

there have been frequent arguments at home regarding me not able to sleep properly or not getting enough sleep

All that goes to the bin now.

No more sulking

Another day in my Life

A Paradigm shift

A new place. It has been 3 months now at SAP and I am getting to learn a lot about what it means to be a manager and how to take your team along.

After 10 years of being a engineer, it was kind of difficult for me to break the mould and get out. So here I am trying to learn a new art.

If that was not enough, I am also trying to adapt myself to the next generation of programmers who are all about agile, disruptive and quick.

Have started to play with Node.js, JavaScript and here I am getting MEAN.

Overall lot to learn and lot of understand



Another day in my Life, Life

Journey at #5 B.G Road

June 27, 2005 and September 9, 2010 are two dates which will be in my memory for a long time. I was happy on both the days; in fact extremely happy. June 27,2005 was when I had joined Macromedia and September 9, 2010 was when I parted ways with Adobe.

The first few years at Macromedia/Adobe were great esp. with the likes of Suresh, Arun, Sritama, Manoj, and so many people around. It was a young team (@Macromedia) and everyday was a challenge and everyday was more fun than the previous one. I had a lot of fun and was looking forward to heading to office everyday Lot of pizza parties, outings and impromptu dinner parties …. I was one happy chap to have decided on my retirement plans. I was riding on a perfect tarmac.

But then I was halted by a speed bump and then, it was time for me to accelerate once again, this time with a new team. The fun part had reduced but responsibilities had increased. I was looked up as a person who would mentor people and lead teams to successfully deliver products. It was here that I met some of the best talents that Adobe still has. Lots of problems, plenty of solutions, lots of ideas and one patent. As time passed my days were filled with more and more discussions and meeting that took most of my time and my work comprised more of meetings which I hated. But then not all the work that you do is challenging.

The ride started to get different. The tarmac had started fading. Things weren’t the same. I started to drag myself to work everyday. There were problems. Not everyone was happy to answer to my questions esp. when they were difficult ones. The ride was getting bumpy and I was getting frustrated. I was pushing the decision to change the route. Thanks to the bad ride I finally decided to change my direction.

So here I am, after stopping for fuel and taking a quick break, back on the highway riding with new companions. VROOOOMMMM

Another day in my Life, Life, Training

Why do I run ?

runningRight from the time I was say 14 years old, my parents and my physician have been telling me not to strain a lot while playing and also to avoid running. Reason I was on inhalers. And it has been almost 13 years and going on. There have been days when a single sneeze would trigger a wheeze and I would be frantically searching for my inhalers and there have been days when I have cried within and forced not to use my inhaler. I have termed it as my life saver and also as a curse from my past. There have also been days when I have not used inhalers just because I was in a public space and I didn’t want to invite a stare from the passerby. Most of my friends didn’t know about this suffering of mine and I kept it mostly to myself until now.

Over years, I have been able to frequency of usage of inhalers have reduced and I have a changed my eating habits atleast 10 times in the last 13 years. But till now I have never been able to run for more than 30 seconds continuously. I can walk in the tread mill at speeds of say 7 – 7.5 kmph but I couldn’t run. It might have been to do with my medical condition or the inherent fear of another attack.  As a result of this and my movement to a new city and last but not least an ever growing appetite led me to mounting health problems.

So finally I decided to do something about it and with a push from my wifey, I decided to turn my life around. My goal was to run. All I wanted to was to run and run for as long as possible. Although the initial drive was to shed those extra flab, the ultimatum was to run.

And it was on Jan 27 that I ran for the longest duration ever since I was 14, it was for 6 minutes. It felt great. I had no words to explain what I felt on that particular date. I was jumping in joy like a kid who had come first in a  dictation test.

I Run for my Wifey:
The one person who has changed herself a lot for my sake and I want to keep her happy always.

I Run for my kids:
I run to keep myself fit for the my kids I will have in the near future. I run so that I can chase them around the house and have the capacity to play with them all day long.

I Run for myself:
And now here is why I run…. I have nothing to prove to the world and the only person to whom I have to prove something is myself. I want to prove to myself that I can not just run but also beat the goals that I set.  I have always yearned for a larger lung and I am sure that one day I would get one

Another day in my Life


People say a lot of thing to you, some encouraging, some discourage, some applauding, some booing, some hurting, some praising, some criticizing, and some irritating. I have always considered all of these as constructive feedback. But today was very different. Rather than calling it different I felt only one emotion strongly, hurting. Among all the above mentioned emotions, today was one day I couldn’t take it in my stride and accept it as a feedback and it really hurts when it comes from someone close and from someone,who you care for.

Lot of things have changed after that conversation. Is it for the good or for the bad I don’t know.