Another day in my Life

Lots of Change

It has been a very long time since my last doodle. Honestly I did try to start over again but was failed miserably.

But this time around I am not sure how long i might be able to be active. 

Life has definitely moved after my last post in 2010. I have switched multiple companies, moved to a new place, got myself a new car and above all these, my son. He has really brought lot of smile, love back in my life.

Things have changed. Trying to juggle work and school timings, following a routine, making sure we spend that little extra time with junior, holidays, long drives. 

No complaints

Another day in my Life, Life


ஒரு பொருளின் மதிப்பு அது இல்லாதவருக்கு மட்டுமே தெரியும் ( The value of a thing is best known by the person who doesn’t have it)

Another day in my Life, Life

Journey at #5 B.G Road

June 27, 2005 and September 9, 2010 are two dates which will be in my memory for a long time. I was happy on both the days; in fact extremely happy. June 27,2005 was when I had joined Macromedia and September 9, 2010 was when I parted ways with Adobe.

The first few years at Macromedia/Adobe were great esp. with the likes of Suresh, Arun, Sritama, Manoj, and so many people around. It was a young team (@Macromedia) and everyday was a challenge and everyday was more fun than the previous one. I had a lot of fun and was looking forward to heading to office everyday Lot of pizza parties, outings and impromptu dinner parties …. I was one happy chap to have decided on my retirement plans. I was riding on a perfect tarmac.

But then I was halted by a speed bump and then, it was time for me to accelerate once again, this time with a new team. The fun part had reduced but responsibilities had increased. I was looked up as a person who would mentor people and lead teams to successfully deliver products. It was here that I met some of the best talents that Adobe still has. Lots of problems, plenty of solutions, lots of ideas and one patent. As time passed my days were filled with more and more discussions and meeting that took most of my time and my work comprised more of meetings which I hated. But then not all the work that you do is challenging.

The ride started to get different. The tarmac had started fading. Things weren’t the same. I started to drag myself to work everyday. There were problems. Not everyone was happy to answer to my questions esp. when they were difficult ones. The ride was getting bumpy and I was getting frustrated. I was pushing the decision to change the route. Thanks to the bad ride I finally decided to change my direction.

So here I am, after stopping for fuel and taking a quick break, back on the highway riding with new companions. VROOOOMMMM

Another day in my Life, Training

in my running shoes

It has been almost 2 months since I had broken a sweat. After training hard for almost 6 months, I was in good physical condition and I had brought down my fat percentage under 20. I was also targeting to get it under 17. But then, I really got carried away and though that I could do away with my gym workouts and still maintain my weight. I still managed to maintain my weight without putting on more than a kilo. But something was missing. I was badly missing my daily runs. With some motivation from my wifey, I am now back to training, this time in the mornings. I admit that whenever I used to pick up my wifey post her aerobics session, I used to see her completely drained out. Now I am in the same state and training in the morning is double the fun.


Where the heck is the L3 and R3 buttons

Boss Fight against Poseidon. I was almost done with Poseidon, when the I was prompted to click L3 + R3 buttons. Like a fool I was inspecting my controller to find out if there were any key labeled L3 and R3. After a bit of googling I figured out that the controller had two hidden buttons. The Left Joystick and the Right Joystick controls are actually two buttons.

Both these Joystick controls when pressed act like buttons and they are the L3 and R3 buttons respectively.