Another day in my Life

Immortals of Meluha

After finishing up with Freakonomics, I was wondering whats next … Last week when I was at Landmark, I picked up this all hyped up book “The Immortals of Meluha”. If there was one single thing which was striking about the book, it was the cover. A muscular Shiva riddled with battle scars, hiding a trishul behind his back. And of course the title. The title itself exudes adventure.

I haven’t yet completed the book but still I couldn’t hold off from writing about it. I should not blame anyone except me for picking up the book. The plot sounded very weak and what is more sad is that the book is written in haste. The author could have spent more time in building the characters and also in describing the events and finally the usage of modern terminology throughout the book like Orientation executive et, al. to describe characters and events.  The author should have used more traditional terminology to describe characters and events.

Also there is a part when a yagna is performed and the Priest calls out to the gathering “Should there be anyone who has cause why this yagna should be stopped, they must speak now or forever hold their peace”. I have never heard of anything like this before.

I am not a critic nor did I have any intentions of writing a review. But this is not a review. I am just sharing my thoughts on the writings of yet another IIM grad convert to an author.

I am hoping that atleast in the next two books the writing improves.


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