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Why do I run ?

runningRight from the time I was say 14 years old, my parents and my physician have been telling me not to strain a lot while playing and also to avoid running. Reason I was on inhalers. And it has been almost 13 years and going on. There have been days when a single sneeze would trigger a wheeze and I would be frantically searching for my inhalers and there have been days when I have cried within and forced not to use my inhaler. I have termed it as my life saver and also as a curse from my past. There have also been days when I have not used inhalers just because I was in a public space and I didn’t want to invite a stare from the passerby. Most of my friends didn’t know about this suffering of mine and I kept it mostly to myself until now.

Over years, I have been able to frequency of usage of inhalers have reduced and I have a changed my eating habits atleast 10 times in the last 13 years. But till now I have never been able to run for more than 30 seconds continuously. I can walk in the tread mill at speeds of say 7 – 7.5 kmph but I couldn’t run. It might have been to do with my medical condition or the inherent fear of another attack.  As a result of this and my movement to a new city and last but not least an ever growing appetite led me to mounting health problems.

So finally I decided to do something about it and with a push from my wifey, I decided to turn my life around. My goal was to run. All I wanted to was to run and run for as long as possible. Although the initial drive was to shed those extra flab, the ultimatum was to run.

And it was on Jan 27 that I ran for the longest duration ever since I was 14, it was for 6 minutes. It felt great. I had no words to explain what I felt on that particular date. I was jumping in joy like a kid who had come first in a  dictation test.

I Run for my Wifey:
The one person who has changed herself a lot for my sake and I want to keep her happy always.

I Run for my kids:
I run to keep myself fit for the my kids I will have in the near future. I run so that I can chase them around the house and have the capacity to play with them all day long.

I Run for myself:
And now here is why I run…. I have nothing to prove to the world and the only person to whom I have to prove something is myself. I want to prove to myself that I can not just run but also beat the goals that I set.  I have always yearned for a larger lung and I am sure that one day I would get one


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