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Step Motherly Treatement

For a long time I held back to writing this. But I thing finally I wanted to get my thoughts out as many ppl as possible.

Yesterday I read an article in the Times of India which stated that the MEA, India is deeply concerned about the killing of a Sikh in Pakistan. First I felt sad for the family of the deceased, which normally I do whenever I hear any such news. But when I rested my thoughts for some time, I realized why this government of ours is handling issues pertaining to Pakistan in a different manner. A sikh killed in Pak is a matter of deep concern to this government. I am fine with that but why didn’t the Indian government if not for condemning atleast issue a letter of condolence when a genocide had happened in Srilanka against ethnic tamils. The government of India just backed off stating that it is Srilanka’s internal problem. Then I think that the Sikh killing in Pakistan should also be Pakistan’s internal problem. Link to the article that I read

There was also a similar incident that happened a year back when there was attacks on people of Indian origin (mostly Gujaratis) in Kenya, the Indian govt. took care to send a notification stating that it will take care of the security of Indians in Kenya, but during the same time period when things went grossly wrong for Tamils in Malaysia, they didn’t do a thing, they didn’t muster courage to even say anything about it.

I am not taking sides here. I am just saying that I should treat all its children the same way whether they are in US or Kenya or Indonesia or which ever part of the world including India.


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