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My Current Playlist

I am @ my desk. I see my wife smiling at a vessel filled with boiling milk as she drops a handful of sugar in it. There is poster which Yadav bought me from the streets of chennai which talks about every morning in Africa. And there is this almost torn piece of paper that houses the words of wisdom by Rudyard Kipling. As I type this post, 50 cents woes a girl to have a baby by him and following which Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kayne and Drake would sing Forever and Florida would go round and round.

Here is my current Playlist.

50 Cents – Just a lil bit
50 Cents – In da club
50 Cents – Baby by Me
Jason Derulo – Whatcha say
Akon – Right Now
Akon – Sorry Blame it on Me
Akon – Beautiful
Chamillionaire – Riding dirty
FloRida – Round and Round
MVP – Rock your body
Eminem – Beautiful
Drake, Lil Wayne, Kayne West, Eminem – Forever


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