The Lost Symbol

Ah! I forgot. Another culprit who had kept me away from my blog is “The Lost Symbol”. I gifted it to my wife the day it was released in India. I was hoping it would be another “Da Vinci Code” or “Angels & Demons”.  Frankly speaking The Lost Symbol isn’t a bad book but it was let down. It is surely a page turner (so that you could finish the book soon). The story moves at a good pace and in parts the book is really good to read. But for most part of the book the screenplay is same and often repeated. The book should have ideally gone through one more round of edits, which would have made the book even more better. Another annoying stuff in the book is that Dan Brown, explains every single characters movement as which street they walked, which turn they took et al.

In most part of the book the setup is the same.

A: Have you heard of X?
B (usually Langdon): Yes, but I thought that was just a myth.
A shows or tells B something.
B reacts with shock.
Then, insert scenes of people walking from one place to another, being chased.
Then, insert the sentence “Suddenly everything made sense.” At least for the next ten pages.

This is really annoying. On the whole, the book is a good read in parts but didn’t keep up to its expectations.


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