Another day in my Life, Misc


It has been quite a while since I posted. Sorry for that. Now where was I? The last update was Facebook. Ah I remember that culprit. Ever since I joined Facebook, I haven’t posted much. I haven’t even posted on my wall much, courtesy Facebook is loaded with lot of this simple yet addictive community games that have kept me busy during my leisure time and some times even during work. Mafia wars, Special Forces, Farmville, and a lot more. All but Farmville are HTML based games, that makes hardcore gamers like me even sit up sometimes all nit to get the energy up and complete tasks. And whats worse, I even got tempted to use my credit card to buy some favor point and get ahead of the competition. I had even called up a few of my friends to join me in Mafia wars, so that I could buy mission items. Such has been the effect of the social games that are present in Facebook. Now I am forcing myself to login to facebook only twice a day and for 10 minutes only so that I could spend some time usefully.


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