Another day in my Life, Life

5 years on …. continued

Well, its been 5 years since I had started to work and it has been an exhilarating ride for me all through. I believe I have done enough as far as my career is concerned and I believe my family and colleagues would definitely accept to it. I believe that I have done whatever best I could do for my family, to the fullest of my potential and I believe everyone accepts to it.

But if I look back and introspect there is only one question that comes to my mind. What have I done for myself? Have you ever pampered yourself? What have you done to make you feel happy? I was lost for a while in search of these answers. But today I feel that I don’t want to search answers for these questions. I have decided to take life as it comes with of course a little bit of planning (inherent inside of me) and try to feel a new ME is born everyday only to be reborn again and again and again


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