Another day in my Life, Life

5 years ….

As of yesterday I have completed 5 years in the IT industry. It seems like yesterday when I signed on the official contract of Cognizant but the last five years have just flown past me. Life seems to be going at a rapid pace. From Cognizant to Macromedia and then Adobe. Next year by this time, I would have completed 5 years with Adobe. It all started with the 5 member CSAA team which Jayasimhan and I joined. The 11 months that I spent in Cognizant will always linger in my memory. The friends that I had made there are very special to me. After the short stint with Cognizant, it was big cultural shift for me when I joined Macromedia. I will always be thankful to Suresh for bringing me to Macromedia where I met Arun, Fredrick, Sritama, Avinash, Dominic, Lakhwinder and many others. Within 6 months of me on my second job, Macromedia was acquired by Adobe and from then on it has been Adobe for me.

Life @ the contribute team was always fun and action packed. Whatever I am today, the real professional me is what I had learnt with this team. For the last couple of years, it has been mobile and devices for me. Not sure how long would I be with Adobe.

The other day on the parking lot, Suresh asked me this interesting question. “Arun is in Maryland and Sritama in New York. Now that leaves me with just one question. WHAT ARE U DOING HERE”


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