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search and download — Marma Desam

Over the last few days I had been surfing the net to find out links to old TV serials that actually created a rage in the mid to late 90’s. Whenever I think of tamil drama the only series that comes to my mind is Marma Desam. A series that comprised of the following

  • Rahasiyam (Secret)
  • Vidhadhu Karuppu (Karuppu never spares)
  • Sorna Reghai (Golden palmlines)
  • Iyanthira Paravai
  • Vaanathu Manidhargal

short stories. Even though all these stories were a big hit, personally I liked the first one (Ragasiyam) more than the others. After a good two days of search I landed up at They have acquired rights from the makers of Marma Desam and have now made them available online. We can watch all these serials online for free.

Also after brief search, I figured out that the second story in the series Vidathu Karuppu is available in YouTube. Here is the link.

Thanks to for publishing the serial online and recreating the magick online.


15 thoughts on “search and download — Marma Desam

  1. Magesh says:

    only 32 episodes on Vaanathu Manidhargal – Edhuvum Nadakum are available on Can you tell us where we can watch rest of the episodes?

  2. Shifan says:

    I have watched marma desam when i was about 8-9 years old,i was a regular customer of watching it,after this long time a couldn’t watch it again but i need to go through it to recall all my sweet memories,please help me to download and watch whenever i want!

  3. Mam,all marumaa desam including ur fav.iyandira parvai also available in you tube.Go to youtube search”Maruma desam iyandira parvai” all the episode will watch on you you can enjoy the favorite serial

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