Another day in my Life, Sports

In another part of the world

I know, the IPL has kept us all occupied. With the last few games going down the wire till the very last ball, the excitement is sure to make us glued to our seats. But quietly at the mecca of tennis, was an event that seem to be rarity these days. In fact the probably it was the first time I saw a sporting couple play lawn tennis. It was the inauguration of the newly constructed roof of the center court in Wimbledon and the inauguration had bought some of the worlds best all time heavyweights of tennis. The exhibition match saw Mrs & Mr Agassi for one last time on Wimbledon center court take on Kim Clijsters and Tim Henmen.

It was a visual treat for all the Steffi and Andre fans and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The powerful baseline strokes of Andre and the still lethal forehand of the Steffi made me nostalgic. Why did they even retire? The backhand slice which Steffi made popular got Henmen in trouble in more than one occasion. Still

At 25, Kim Clijsters still could return to the circuit and give the serbs a run for the money. 

Overall it was a fun filled and an animated session of good tennis that I believe many would have missed only to not get another chance to see them play. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them play.


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