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Of Cricket and Cattle Trade

When I was kid my Uncle used to take me the Sunday Market and Friday Bazar that used to happen in our town. There I used to see people buying and selling Cows, goats etc.My uncle used to explain to me as to how a Cow is bought and what is the kind of breed that one should buy etc.  Here is some information that one needs to know before buying a cow

  1. As a cow becomes older it produce also reduces and also its value – “The older a Player in IPL the lesser he would cost”
  2. The first ones that are culled from the herd are the ones that produce less – “It is surprising not to see Rahul go under the hammer in IPL season 2”
  3. While buying an Ox, don’t just look for its age, but also for the build – “A Player in IPL is not just bought for his batting talent but also for the amount of crowd he brings in”
  4. Popularity of a breed results in more money – “Peterson and Flintoff commanded more money than their teammate Collingwood. Same was the case with Symonds getting more money than Ponting”
  5. Cows that produce less that 30 pounds a day are reasonable good for family but not for a dairy – “Ricky Ponting in IPL season 1 would have been good for Rajasthan Royals but than Knight Riders. Hard luck Shah Rukh”
  6. A young cow would cost more than an older cow, because of the assumption that it would produce more over the years – “JP Duminy was sold 3 times more than Paul Collingwood”
  7. Certain breeds of cow do not produce much. They need to be strickly avoided – “In the IPL Season 2, there were no takers for Australians”

Some striking similarities with IPL.


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