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A long time wish fulfilled

After a long journey or even after a hectic days work, when we are back home, it is common for us to exclaim “It’s good to be back home!”. I have been saying this phrase for a long time but for once I felt it was real.

Life for me might not have been nomadic but I sure felt that way till last Sunday. It was a long journey one that lasted almost 26 years. I had stayed in a lot of places, just that none of them were my own. Finally on the 1st of February 2009, I closed my eyes to sleep in a place that I can claim as my own. It was really good to be back home this time for me.

Kala and I with our parents and friends, finally had our house warming function on the 1st of February, 2009. It was an important day for us as we were expecting this day for a long time.


One thought on “A long time wish fulfilled

  1. Wow.. Congratulations dude.

    Firstly, for starting to reopen your book of world here that you enjoy doing the most.
    Secondly, for completing a milestone of accomplishment that makes you feel relaxed.

    I still remember those early days when we used to talk about the cement, iron rates and the kind of bricks to use for walls, plastering of walls, kitchen granite, marble flooring / vitrified tiles… wow, i am happy to see it happened.

    Great going buddy

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