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Food for thought

It was just a couple of days back that I had returned from chennai and the lorry strike had crippled me a lot. My bike was stuck in the Parcel office in Chennai and I had to take either the public transport or a rick to work daily.

The following incident is real. Please read the disclaimer.


It was around 9.10 am and I was getting late to office. I didn’t have the luxury of my bike and hence I had to run around to the nearby eatery to grab a quick bite and then find an auto. I was waiting at the 80 feet road and that when the protagonist arrived. I stopped the auto.

Me: Dairy circle
Auto Driver (AD): ok sir

After a few minutes we crossed Sony world junction and were in the Koramangala 100 feet road. Usually at around this time, there will be bumper to bumper traffic.

AD: Sir, the traffic these days are very less na.
I was pissed off big time, because of the lorry strike and hence responded,
Me: Lorry Strike no. Thats why.
AD: No sir. He laughs. since last month there have been almost 30 – 40 thousand people who have left Bangalore. Software companies are sending people back home na.
Me: (on the back of my mind) Why the f**k is he opening the can of worms?
AD: It is not stopping sir. This month, atleast another 10-15 thousand more sit. (laughs).

I am totally pissed off. Yet I don’t have an answer.
The auto driver doesn’t stop there and starts to give me number on how many employees were fired from which company.

AD: Sir, in another 2 years bangalore will become like how it was 5 – 6 years back. The auto fares would touch a minimum of Rs.10 and Bangalore will become clean and less polluted.

I was really surprised by the way he spoke, yet felt being ridiculed for the situation we IT guys were. I wanted to corner him.

Me: If we all people leave bangalore and go, there are so many auto rickshaws that are depended on us. What would you people, do? Let alone everyone, what would you do?
AD: I have no problem sir. I will sell this Auto and go to my hometown near shimoga. I have around 2 acres of land and I would happy start to do agriculture.

On hearing to this, I was totally dumbstruck. I had no answer. I felt like I was totally mocked at. That was when I realized that even an auto-driver had some backup, where as we in IT profession have absolutely no backup. The IT industry over years have kept us in a comfort zone, and that had lead us not to plan for some backup.

Something to think about.


2 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. Jayasimhan Masilamani says:

    I agree… and that is a major concern that our friends in IT seem to overlook. We should dedicate atleast 2 hours a week to think about our own venture. And something that is very important is a financial plan. The earlier we start… the lesser impact we will have when crisis strikes.

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