Another day in my Life, Life

Time for a change

I have cribbed a lot, shared some of the best moments of my life and also put forward my thoughts. I have even written posts that are totally abstract.

Probably I have abused this blog a lot. Now its time for a change.

I have had enough. For all those who have been trying to figure out what my posts mean, whether they make sense, Thanks a lot.

It all ends here. Done. I am stopping to scribble.

For a change I am going to read more blogs.

I hope this decision will make a lot of you happy, that you don’t have to visit this blog and still find old, boring cribbings of sudharshan.


4 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. yappu pappu… bad idea….

    “Thinking as a “process” happens continuously. We think about something, and then we think about something else..this way our thoughts get lost. Blogging is a way of revisiting our thoughts, thereby adding some life to it and to ourselves.”, Suudhan wrote this some time back and thought this was for you… :))

  2. I never expect this from u…! I am not sure about what made u to take this decision ..! But still as a great fan of your writings , I expect a comeback from u soon …!

    U’r blog initiated me to write my own…! Hope u will not delete your blog …and please never do it …! we are waiting for your posts/scribes …!

  3. kya hua susoma? i am sure you wont leave your passion to write without strong reasons behind. I cant imagine you are doing this, but hmm.. your followers will go on strike for sure !!

    Enjoy and have a nice time ahead asusual(keeping this book of blogging aside)

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