Another day in my Life

Random thought

I had been surfing the net for a little over 20 minutes trying to catch up with the ramblings of my friends, and all I hear from them is that its “Truly Hard times”. What is so hard for people all of a sudden? I know that most of my friends are not into stock market business and hence the financial tsunami would have not impacted them, then what is the problem.

When does one really get it out by saying “Truly hard times”. Is it when people get frustrated with the work they do or when the going really gets tough. 

Personally for me, it not very great. I have been trashed properly from all quarters. From project to stocks prices to everything, the last few months have been really bad. Nothing is going on the right track. Life is not moving on the fast lane as I like it or I want it to. But on the other hand thing are moving at snails pace. The worst part is that I have no control on my life now. 

Now is that Truly hard times ?


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