Another day in my Life


Its been a while since I played cricket or even any outdoor sport. To be precise almost 3.5 years. Finally after a year long effort the product I am working on hit Beta and there was no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate.  Also there were couple of more teams that achieved respectable milestones. 

So we decided to take a day off and enjoy ourselves. The place – Confidant cascade. Agenda  – have fun. 

After a good meal, we headed to the cricket field. I was given the option to open the batting for my team. It reminded me of days when I used to be volunteered to open against teams that had a very good bowling attack so that I can get the beating. This was no difference. After 1 over we were 2 runs on the board and after 2 we were 5. Enter Bharath hegde, who made my day. one over and 26 runs from it. 3 6’s and 2 4’s. I was having fun. 

In the end we were 52 at the end of 8 overs and it took the opposition 6 overs to wrap it up. 

After which we headed out to play Paintball. It is a typical capture the flag match, where every team has to guard their flag and attempt to capture that of others. Each team member is given a Gun that is Co2 propelled and 10 paintball bullets. We had amazing fun. Jumping, diving, strategizing. I think it is an amazing team building event. Put the folks who have the worst ego on the same team and you might be surprised to see them gel well. 

On the whole it was an amazing day of fun filled activities.


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