Long Forgotten

Years ago, in the last century, game was played by kids during class hours to keep themselves occupied or to get away from the boredom of listening to the teachers. One that was even more enthralling and exciting than Today’s T20. A game that suddenly vanished, or the mantle was never passed on the next generation.

Many of you might not have heard of this game. The Game was called Book Cricket.

The game involved a large book being randomly opened and the last digit of the page number was the accounted as the runs scored. 2, 4 and 6 counted as they were, and 8 counted as 1 run. A page number ending in 0 was of course out. Games were always nerve wracking as books were yanked open with full vigour and with complex strategies being played out between opponents. Students used to borrow books from the library just because they were bulky and was a perfect pitch for Book Cricket. And the books were returned to the library in a totally battered state.

There was also another game that was played during free class hours and during lunch sessions, called Pen(cil) fight.

This was more of a carrom like game, but instead of coins and strikers we had just two or three pen(cil)s and every player would strike at their pen(cil) ensuring that it dislodges the others over a designated boundary usually the corners of the tables.

Players would strike at their pen(cil)s with such precision, force that at times it would be their pen(cil) that actually bounces of the table. The game complies to the last man standing rule of course, here its the pen(cil). Each player had his own strategy and usually most of it would fail.

But no ardent fan of these sports have any clue as to where or how these games vanished. But it did.


2 thoughts on “Long Forgotten

  1. hmm ….its one of my favorite games in school days …we played in when the teacher is teaching some thing ….and caught some times 🙂 .

    I hope these games are still alive in the schools …!

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