The Dangling pointer

For all those who have written c++ code, the dangling pointer is a pointer that do not point to a valid object of the appropriate type. But in life for most of us or rather for everyone, there are a lot of dangling pointers. For some it would be a wish that is burried deep down which they would have forgotten, for some it would be a wish that is unfullfilled. One of my friend’s status on IM is “I wish there was a Ctrl+Z for life”. I certainly have a lot of unfullfilled wishes, which I had forced myself to compromise and convince myself.

But why do we do this? Is it for the sake of others or is it intentional? Is it more to with one’s state of mind or the environment?

Yadav and I were talking about one of our mutual friend and his lifestyle. As a third person, I am very happy for him for what he is doing, but as a friend I am not. Infact both of us weren’t.

Every time I see a the Titan Ad, where Aamir tell us that during our childhood, we aspired for what not, but why not now, I get reminded of what I am today and what I was.

Sometimes we are too serious about the task we do that we forget that we too have a life and there no point asking for a Ctrl + Z in life when we missed the chance.

Be born everyday….. Nice to have feature……

What are your view…..


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