Another day in my Life, Tech

NO Childs play

Finally after a week and half long effort and with some help, I managed to fix a bug that was driving me nuts. I finally completed work of porting my code from Windows Mobile to Symbian and man.. Symbian is no childs play. I have never seen or worked with an OS that is so Asynchronous when it comes to execution. After going through all this, I can now strongly tell that I am still a novice when it comes to Symbian. There is so much to learn.

On the other hand it was during these two weeks that I started to appreciate the work done by Microsoft. The amount of effort one has to put in to port the code from Windows Desktop to Windows Mobile is less or infact trivial. Wonderful. Almost effortless. And with Visual Studio things can hardly be difficult for one. Hats off to Microsoft.


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