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Its 10.51 PM, atleast thats what the clock shows. I am @ the chennai railway station and I didn’t know what to do. I decided to enter the cybercafe @ the railway station, not knowing what to do, I am writing this post. Separate computers, thats what my wife told me when I signed up for a machine, and what is she doing, searching for slokas for the upcoming puja on friday.

Well a lot need to be shared. Right from the so called Beach party which has no life to the
bar(less)baque that was hosted by my company. Well I don’t understand why my friends always end up having better parties in their offices, or perhaps mine is always rotten. I believe, most of my colleagues would accept to this.

The moment, we all heard that it was to be a non alcoholic party, the fizz was already out. What delited us the most was that there was a so called group dance performed by a few of our folks and man that was the best possible part. It was a wonderfully choreographed, solo group performance.

With the way the party was shaping up, most of us were just waiting for the dinner to be served. I had to rush home from the party as I had to leave for chennai and probaby that was the best excuse that I had to escape from the party. But Umapathy shared that one good news before I left for home. Adobe stock price was rising. It was $45.15 when I left for home.

Ok. Time to catch my train.


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