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fun @ amoeba

Have no idea how I missed this one.

Finally it was time to celebrate and have fun. We had been wanting to go out for sometime now and finally we had a strong reason for why we shouldn’t. It was to celebrate for the prototype that we had built and it was making headlines across geographies.

Jeetu, Brijesh, Sudhir, Deb and I reached 20 feet high (a restaurant in MG Road) only to find out workers dusting and painting the place. So we ended up dining @ 3 quarter Chinese. The food was good. I liked the chinese part of it as I always end up eating north Indian food whenever I go out.

After a sumptuous meal, it was time for some action. Bowling. I had already become a big fan of this sport even though I had played only once. It was supposed to be a competition between two team but it ended up with all of us bowling on the same lane.

With Sudhir spinning the ball accurately , Brijesh with his funny bowling actions (imitating a spin bowler on a cricket field), 3 strikes from my side, it was fun all the way. There was also a point when Brijesh had to bowl at an empty lane for the last pin had fallen after the score was recoreded. He didnt lose his enthusiasm and didnt change his action. I ended up with 132 points followed by sudhir with 129.

On the whole it was a great day out.


One thought on “fun @ amoeba

  1. suudhan says:

    “It was to celebrate for the prototype that we had built and it was making headlines across geographies”

    – thats great to know!!! so whats next in the kitty? I wish you guys all the best to take this prototype to the market and make millions 🙂 [ I just have one request, please let me know well in advance, so that i will buy more Adobe stocks before it hits the market :)]

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