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Destiny took me to Destiny

Since childhood if there was one thing that I would complain to my parents was that they hadn’t taken me to Ooty. I have grown up seeing Ooty only in movies and I even envied my sister whenever she told me that she had been to Ooty with friends or family. I had to wait.It wasn’t a pleasant one. But this was one wait that was worth for.

Kala had given me the best of vacations that I had ever had. Destiny was Awesome. Now what is this Destiny. Destiny is a Farm in the village of Emerald which is further higher than Ooty. Situated amidst a forest, this farm is probably one that resembles an Australian / Swiss ranch.

I reached Metuppalayam at 5.50 am. I badly wanted a coffee as it was cold. Almost everyone had left the platform and I was still relishing my cup of freshly brewed coffee when I suddenly heard a huge roar from the crowd. I ran to see what had happened. It was the arrival of the Toy train, one of the must do’s when visiting Ooty. The queue was longer than the train, which comprised of 4 compartments.

I decided to explore nilgiris on a toy train sometime later and boarded the bus to Coonoor. After travelling for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes and surpassing 14 hairpin bends, I finally the Taj Garden retreat @ coonoor.

After having my breakfast there, kala and I headed to the secret location. Kala had kept Destiny as a secret to me. All through the way she was giving me insights about the place that we were to going to stay. Finally we reached the place. But all i could see was a big mountain and a muddy track.

We waited for 10 minutes and the came our transport. It was a 4×4 truck that come to pick us up. I was like what is happening.

We got on board the truckand started. It had rained heavily the previous night and the tracks were muddy. We passed through the forest and after 30 minutes arrived at this beautiful Farm.


The farm overlooks a valley and during monsoon wind blows at speeds of up to 140 kmph. I had experienced it first hand.

The best part about this place is that there is no network coverage in this area. There is no TV or telephone connection here. Feels great if you want to get lost. The farm has around 50 cows and 6 horses. There are lot of geese and rabbits. They also cultivate vegetables and use the same in whatever they cook. The food tastes very differently here. you can feel the freshness in whatever is served. Lastly you are allowed to move wherever you want in the ranch, feed the horses, rabbits.


Thanks Kala for giving me the best holiday I have ever had. I would suggest this place for people who are brave and want to get a closer look at nature. If you like rains and love to get drenched the best time to visit is between June and August.

Finally, I consider my wife to be my destiny and hence the title.


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