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I was on Personal Time off for the whole of last week and man what a week it was. I was in chennai for almost 6 days and was completely packed with work. It was supposedly my Time off from work, but all 6 days it was just work. It was 6.30 in the morning when I reached chennai. It had rained the previous night very badly and I had my doubts as to whether I would be able to work or not.

But what followed was six days of bright sunshine and lot of work had been done. First it was procurement of Marble, the the tiles for the bathroom and finally finding the resources to get them laid down. Amidst this there were lot of fights with the builder and also the people whom I had hired for getting the job done.

Everything is money. Builders want money for everything. I think going forward they would ask for money even for allowing entry for visiters during construction. One totally ridiculous incident was that my builder had built a wall without my knowledge which was not in my list of additions and to get it removed they asked me a huge sum. Bull shit. I believe all this money doesnt go to the builder, but to the project managers and supervisors who are in the site. I know its really harsh, but another set of blood suckers.

There is an old saying in tamil which states that one would gain valuable experiences when he builds a house or gets his daughter married off. Whatever I had experienced those 6 days were invaluable lessons learnt.

Now I just want to get my house done and ensure that my parents move in without any problems.


2 thoughts on “Hectic

  1. casanova says:

    u in chennai for six days ? u should have called me at least . Okay I can understand u are packed with work here.

    Getting the job from the construction peoples is the toughest job in this earth. Everything is money..but they not event work for the given money. They just think that we are not earning money just simply getting it from sky or tree. as you said…get the job done from them ….and let your parents have a peaceful life in the new beautiful house.

    Good time u come try to call me …

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