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motor-less days

Those were the best days of my life. This was what I was humming all my way to office, when I had to face the wrath of my bike. Sounds funny right. Not at all. I don’t remember when was the last time, I had taken a auto rickshaw to reach office. Probably 2 years. Hmmm

Finally my bike managed to brake down and refused to start. I was stranded with the 150 kg beast in the middle of the road and had to cover almost 4 kms to reach home. I started to drizzle and I was in no way to leave my bike and go home.

I didn’t take good care of my bike. There was oil spillage for quite some days and I had not bothered about it much. So I had to pay the price of it.

The next six days were the worst days of my life. I had fights with Auto drivers for the insane money they demanded and almost ended up walking halfway to my office. For no reason these good for nothing blood sucker, would ask you to pay 10 rupees or 20 rupees extra. Even that was fine. At 9 in the morning, one bas***d asked me 80 rupees to go th my office, that was almost 2 and half times. Shit man.

Life was hard.

The worst excuse that I had to give for being late; “I didn’t get an auto”. I couldn’t drop my wife at her office, when she was getting late. At times, I had to face the music. But thats ok. Hota hai…..

I gave my bike to a local repair shop near my house, to get it started first,and later give it off for a proper service. But it turned out that for the first time, that I had to service my bike twice in a span of 3 days and a crater was created in my wallet.

Once bitten twice shy. Take good care of your Bike and Wife. šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “motor-less days

  1. hmm…same here thala…two weeks back my bike engine got ceased. There was no proper oil flow and I haven’t concentrated on it…so the fuel pump get spoiled in faster rides and in the middle of the road at 9.30pm I was standing alone in the road..and walked with my bike for 5kms.

    Just rebored the engine two days back.May be the crater created in my wallet would be bit higher than yours…! :). Anyways its my fault. I will take care of my black cheetah.

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