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Casanova – This is not about the Italian adventurer who wrote vivid accounts of his sexual encounters but sathish, one of my close friends. I actually don’t know how to write about this good friend of mine. If I ask myself, how many friends do I have like Sathish, the answer would be 1.

On one hand I have a friend like Yadav, a cool guy who does not care much and a real BRAT and on the other I have a friend like Sathish. Both are really close to me. Through his NGO, he has won the hearts of many. I know for a little over 7 years now. A guy who was know more for his gentle and jovial nature during college days, has truly brought merriment into the lives of many.

I am really happy that his vocabulary in English is improving. For a guy who had problems conversing fluently in English, I believe he has come a long way, this after I read his blog.

Way to go buddy. Keep up your good work.


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One thought on “Casanova

  1. your post brought a great smile 🙂 in my face.

    Thank you buddy !for giving me a comfortable and good place in your heart and mind.

    As u said …still a long way to go …!

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