Another day in my Life, Life

VRoooom …

My previous post is basically what I experienced couple of days back. I had visited one of my friends couple of days back. I left his place at around half past seven, and I wanted to time how long does it take to reach home from his place. As usual, the roads were filled with cursed souls, yelled and honking their way through the traffic. Even though I had been in Bangalore for almost 2.5 years, I had never visited this part of bangalore and had no clue on the directions.

I started to drive and on my way asked auto-drivers and passerby’s for directions. All was good until the I reached the decisive Dead end. I took the left and my friend who had missed me, had asked another person, and took right. This was when all the commotion started. I was calling him and was driving and trying to find out where he was. Finally, I turned around and started to drive back and met him. He confirmed that we were suppose to take the right and then we proceeded.

It was really cold and as we drove along, I slowly sensed that there was some problem. We had driven a good, 5 kms and we were heading no where. My friend had crossed me and started to explore the route. I then finally found out that we were to hit the outer ring road that would connect us to a satellite town. I was fuming. If I were to take that route, I would be driving a cool 55 kms extra to reach home. I could have turned back and proceeded the other way, but my buddy had already hit the highway and was driving.

I had to catch up with him, or else, he would be totally missed. I knew the route to home now. I started to accelerate, and pressed really hard. There were hardly any street lights on, and I was zipping at around 100 kmph easily. But still my friend was no where to be seen. I called him up and reached him and asked him to stop by the nearest civilization. I reached him in 5 mins time and then we started to head for home.

For the next 20 minutes, I was driving at speeds between 90-110 kmph. Damn. I tell you. Its really hard to drive fast for a long time. Initially, it might be really good. SPEED. ADRENALINE. But as time flies past, the adrenaline slowly reduces, and after a grueling 30 mins, I entered bangalore city limits.

I reached home finally after almost 2 hours. Bad timing.

But it was fun driving fast.


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