Another day in my Life, Life

Another night …

Well. I am back. Its been quite sometime since I wrote anything. Here I am once again.

What the fuck am I doing at this hour? Shouldn’t I be sleeping.

Well ERROR HTTP-CORE 6, a transaction error occurred but was not handled, is keeping me awake. This bug occurs only on the emulator and not on the phone, yet I am trying to fix it. Well ask me how a QE mind works. It doesn’t stop there. Couple of implementations due for Windows Mobile as well.

But now I decided that I should take a break before I continue writing, I discovered one thing. Life is so boring these days. I am spending most of my time either in front of the PC or sleeping. Though both of them put together come around 22 hours :(. I keep telling myself that I need to strike a balance between my professional life and personal life, but I don’t think that I can until I have someone to ring the bell and tell me what needs to be done. I have no clue what I am going to do, after getting married.

As I laze around for sometime now, my mind starts to think about the various aspects of life. I get a sense of feeling that I am not living my life. Either I am living for my previous generations, or the future. See on one hand, I need to take care of my parents and on the other I need to save for my future generations. Well then when am I gonna live for myself. It is my life and still I don’t have the keys to it. Its always locked for some reason or the other.

Wish I could be the guy that I never was,
But I still keep running for something, I never wanted so bad!

probably the only times when I feel that I am myself is when I laugh along with my friends and yearn for the one.

Ok… Gotta go…


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