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An interlude of a different kind

I need attention. People who know me very well, will definitely accept it. I am a person who generally hangs out, if I really want to. Last year same time, I was in Chennai partying hard with my friends. This time around, I am at home, not doing anything interesting. I wanted to go out somewhere and break my recluse, so I decided to go to Landmark and nurture my re-ignited passion for books. Right from the moment I entered Landmark till I left, I had no specific topic, or genre on mind. I wanted to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War for a long time. I always found it difficult to pick a copy because, this particular book has been translated by many writers, but I was not able to understand. But this time around, I found one that I could understand. I also picked up Ayn Rand’s Anthem, a book that I had read 3 years back while I was in Cognizant; Kavitha had given me an e-book version of the same. I spent close to an hour and half, glancing through various topics from Photography to books on Kamasutra.

I was feeling hungry and I hadn’t had Burgers for quite some time. I got myself a McVeggie with extra cheese 🙂 and fries. Forum, is one of the few, hangout places in Bangalore and it being the time of the New Year, no prices for guessing the noise. Even McDonalds was crowded, but I somehow managed to find myself a table. I had just begun eating, when I suddenly heard someone calling at me. There was this guy who enquired me whether someone is joining me and if not whether he could share the table with me. I smiled and asked him to join me. After that there was a brief period of silence. I was munching my fries happing, when I saw him struggling to open a sachet of sauce. I offered my help, only find myself embarrassed with the fact that even I couldn’t open the sachet. I said sorry for that and continued munching. I wanted to talk. I was feeling lonely. I had never been out alone, and even if I had, I had never in a diner, shared a table with some one. I just don’t like it. But this time around, I wanted to speak. So I started of introducing myself and he enquired me about where I work. This was how the discussion.

Vinod was fresh out of college and was in job hunting spree. He had been in bangalore for the last two months, and was finding it difficult to get a job. I felt that I was looking at myself some 4 years back, when even I was in Bangalore to start an illustrious  career in some big S/W Company. I became nostalgic and I hated it because, it only made me remember of the bad memories of my first job hunt in Bangalore. This kiddo from ooty was also experiencing the same thing. He was a not a IITan or a BITSian or even from REC, which is what these so called BIG S/W companies, who have their R&D in India prefer or should I say want. He was sharing his experiences with me and I was sharing my bitter past, but later I gave him my two cents on how to make it into a software company. We then went over some of his thoughts on S/W and piracy. I had never thought I would be having such a discussion. We went on for almost an hour and half, till I bid him adieu.

I don’t whether I would meet him again, but this has truly been my first interlude, with a total stranger. It was a different experience. I always tell my friends and parents that I want to live alone and enjoy life, but I found out one happy truth which, this big mouth can never live alone. He can never be a loner.

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6 thoughts on “An interlude of a different kind

  1. A fresher out of an unreputed college will definitely find it difficult to get attractive pay packages / atleast a job with reputed companies. An ideal spot for him, what i feel is not to waste time hunting for bigger jobs or reputed companies. He has to find a job (be it in a start up company or be a contractor role or anything) without wasting months of time… Time will get him everything. Working for a startup’s gives you a wider sky of knowledge if you really concentrate.. yeah.. its a great feeling to recollect how even i was when i was looking for jobs though i had 3 offers on hand !

  2. //but I found out one happy truth which, this big mouth can never live alone. He can never be a loner.
    // LOL. no big mouths can stay alone and they wont let others stay alone too.

  3. //sauce. I offered my help, only find myself embarrassed with the fact that even I couldn’t open the sachet//
    ha ha i have been in situations like this hundred times.

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