Another day in my Life


Its been almost 2 years since I prepared for giving a test. I still remember my first month in Macromedia, Suresh got me a couple of books on Dreamweaver from Vishwa and asked me to get started on Dreamweaver certification. I struggled a bit, but managed to read those and somehow manage to pass the exams. Today after almost 2 years, I have once again started to study. Damn! Studying is very hard, especially after its been a while you read something. I started off, really focussed and determined to complete certain number of chapters. But I was only 5 minutes into it and I was already half asleep. My eyes were drooping, begging me to shut them and go for a nap. I still managed to hold on and continue, after 10 minutes I was flat. I started to sleep. It was after 15 minutes that I had realized that there is no point in studying a book because i wouldnt be able to concentrate. So I started to work with the product on which I am trying to get certified.Damn that is even more difficult. Probably has my mind got rusted. I am JAVA and in no time has adopted myself to developing application. I have no idea why I am not able to study? Has my mind rusted? Or is the perception that I am learning this just for the sake of certification and am not going to use this for work? Have no idea but am still trying to study.


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