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“The biggest tragedy in life is not death, but what dies within you when you are alive”. But as far as movies are concerned, its always death that is concerned as tragedy. I was watching “Kallori”, one of the movies to hit the screen in the last few weeks. I was basically bored and I didn’t know what to do. The movie is about, friendship, love, aspiration, togetherness, envy, and much more.The plot revolves around a bunch of students who join the same course in government arts college and a girl from Bangalore and how they become friends. What happens between them is crafted very well. There is also a mild love story, that is well woven to the plot. The heroine, Tamanna and the new comer Akil have played their part to perfection. It’s amazing that almost everyone in this movie is a new comer and they have all played their part very well.

For comedy there is a double barrel gun waiting for you. The duo relentlessly utter the same dialogue throughout the movie, which might be boring for some, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When all was going on well, there comes the climax with a big thud. Damn. No one would have expected it. Well I am not gonna reveal it but definitely something totally unexpected. On the whole I enjoyed it and according to me these are the kinda movies that needs to be made more often rather than those masala ones wherein there is no logic when it comes to plot and actions.

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2 thoughts on “Kallori

  1. really the movie was good and i too enjoyed it. But when i am coming out from the movie i felt little bad due to the climax … he should have selected some other things for climax not the most pity incident of Tamilnadu.

    any ways as u said …these kind of movies should me made often ….

  2. rajnifan says:

    machi tis sort of sad to hear this from a rajnikanth fan da.
    I come to ur blog after such a long time and this is what I get.
    machi how can u downplay masala movies machi
    and if they are as entertaining as the off-beat ones, why shudn’t they be made?

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