Another day in my Life

Time to experiment


Its holiday season and a good time to experiment on new looks. Well after thinking for a long time and consoling myself, I decided to de-mustache myself. This is my new look. I definitely know that I don’t look like a Casanova but do I look like a ghost?

I like to sport big mustaches and in the last 12 years I have just shaved it off only 3 times, today being the third. But today I got a very different comment. My mom who has always bored me by saying that you don’t look nice when you sport big mushies, was happy to see me this way. In fact she liked it. But let me see how my world responds to this.


3 thoughts on “Time to experiment

  1. You look 10yrs younger than the other picture. But then, the other picture is not as clear. What’s up with the hat! Loose it. If you ask me, I would say keep your hair just a tad longer and as far as the mustache goes, I agree with your mother. You look good though my personal preference for the shape of your face would be a French beard. Unless you keep it well trimmed at all times I wouldn’t suggest this ofcourse. Lot of upkeeping to do.

    You know what they say about curiosity. It killed the cat. Let’s continue playing the cat & mouse game. Keeps life interesting. By the way, I don’t have my own blog. I only blog hop. You know like bar hopping! Let me put it in your generations lingo. “Blog surfing”. On an average I surf 7 blogs a day and reply to maybe 2 or 3. Writing is my passion, amongst other things. Happy blogging…..til we meet next time.

  2. casanova says:

    sudharshan … cat and mouse game !!!! ore velai yadav illa na MC ya irukumoooo ???

    Any way u look different in this photo. Changing our look will keep us fresh. I too planned to cut my Looooong hair next month.

  3. Comments with regards to the new picture I’m looking at….

    Definitely! This is the look for you. Keep your hair little bit longer, rest of the face closely shaven, and the beard well trimmed at all times. The beard should actually have a peak that should touch the lower lip in the center. Ofcourse the empty spaces on either side of the peak should be cleanly shaven.I bet, you’ll be the next Casanova. By the way, any plans for New Years eve? Partying with friends, girl friends….etc.etc. What ever may it be, have fun but be safe. Have a designated driver. Happy 2008.

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