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Probably for the first I am very happy. It is not because of what I am, but what I did today. I left the office at around 7. There was traffic asusual in the Bannerghatta road. I had expected it today as a lot of people would be travelling to their hometown. I wanted to make it to my sister’s place early as she along with her hubby and my neice are leaving for singapore. I managed to cross a decent 300 meters, when I heard the siren of an ambulance. I felt bad for the patient inside of the ambulance. So I honked to grab the attention, of the traffic and tried to make way for it. But I was not successful.But then I realized that one person cannot grab the attention. But to my surprise, one of the Auto driver, joined forces with me. I confidently started honking and the auto driver used his whistle. As we tried our best to make way, there was some reactions, among the crowd. People responded and made way for us. With both of us trying to find newer paths to escape the jam, the ambulance driver just followed us. I was honking to the maximum. Some of the drivers frawned at me, but I didnt give a damn. We both continued our honking and whistling. We finally made it to the first signal. We were stuck, but on seeing the ambulance, the traffic constable made way for us.

Lot of people showed faces at us, some even yelled at us stating that how we could make way for them. but even in this situation, some of the drivers wanted to use us and escape the jam. I accept that all of us are selfish and would want to reach home early and be with our loved ones, but where has the humanitian in us all gone. After some struggle we somehow made it to the Jayadeva signal. Well we learned the root cause of the traffic jam. We had somehow managed to get the ambulance out of the jam. As the ambulance crossed both of us, there was a small smile that came out of both our faces. There was a sense of satisfaction. I felt really good for what we had done today. I was happy.


5 thoughts on “Honking

  1. Tough chance. Do you think I would subjugate myself to the humiliation for expressing my feelings so candidly??? Dream on baby!!!
    Anyway, keep writing. It gives me great pleasure to read as to how people express themselves and see the world from another’s perspective. Quite different and interesting. See you soon…..Ofcourse on line.

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