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Holiday Plans

December is the shortest month, as far as the number of working days is concerned. Its holiday time and thanks to my company policy, that we have the year-end shutdown even in India. So Yadav and I, started to plan what we would do this holiday. As usual the plans were big, we wanted to go to Uttaranchal. Its a very nice state in India, as it has some of the best hill stations and Jim Corbett National Park is located in this state as well. We made our plans and I got reminded of Yogesh, who is currently in Noida. I called him up and asked him about the places that we planned to visit. It seems that the temperature during this time would be in negatives and the National Park is also closed. The best time to visit is from February to October.

On hearing to Yogesh, we dropped Uttaranchal and thought about adding a new dimension to our holiday plans. Next on the cards was Andaman & Nicobar Islands. I was all excited, because we would be travelling in a ship and I was also fine with the tariffs. But my other friends backed off and finally it was just the two of us. Also the Airfare to Andaman was tooooo expensive.

Well we thought for almost 5 days and decided to change the plans agains. This time I was sure that, no more ambitious plans. I wanted to keep it simple so that we would not spend a lot of time travelling and but explore more places. we zeroed in on Coorg, in Karnataka. I have never been to that place. It is warm during this season and it is a place where you feel close to the Nature.

There is a saying in English that “All that begins well, ends well”. But is there something like this “All that began with disappointment, ends the same way”. And that is what exactly happened with me. We have dropped all plans and finally, Yadav is planning to get his leg back in good shape and I am going to keep waiting. WAITING.

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