Another day in my Life

A Good/Hectic week

It was a fully packed week. Probably this could be the one off week wherein i spent more time on meetings than working. I was working on a prototype and it had completed almost a month back. My product managment were convinced with the prototype and concerned product manager, Richie,  was all the more excited to get the PRD done. So he flew to India for a week and right from the moment he arrived on Monday noon, I had been into meetings with him. The discussions served as a platform for me to  express my concerns on the workflows involved and also the work that I had put-in, in the process. This was the first time, I am being a part of the PRD creation and it is a very significant achivement from my side.

It didnt stop there, I also had a chance to interact with the Management of Nokia. It was my first customer visit after I had joined Adobe. There were some serious discussion and at the end of it we got around ways to figure out how to solve our problems.

Apart from this, Richie, Vijayan and I also went out for Lunch to one of my favorite restraunts in Bangalore, Aaranya. Richie, was all excited to eat good Indian food and he liked the food there. He wanted to eat Briyani, and was all gaga when he smacked Mutton Briyani. We also planned for Booze after office hours one of these days but Richie couldnt make it because of his calls with the US folks.

The week is over and Richie should be on his flight to SF by now. I am waiting here for my call. The week has been really tiresome, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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