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Finally after almost 3-1/2  years, I managed to change my mobile phone. I bought a T610, in 2004 and it was considered as one of the best phones in the market and I spent almost 12 grand on the same.03_Nokia_5310_XpressMusic A couple of weeks back, during diwali season, I was trying to find out whether there were any discounts for mobile phones and there weren’t much in the offing. But I particularly liked one model, and that was Nokia’s 5310 Xpress Music. I was slim and sleek and was fully loaded with all the functionality required for today’s cell phone. But to my surprise, none of the retail stores that I visited had that model for sale. Everyone told me that, it is available only in Nokia’s retail stores. I was surprised at that time, as to why is this phone is such a demand. Nokia had closed the channels for this phone to be available in other retail stores, before it got the chunck of the revenue through its sales.

But today as I hold it in my hands, I truly believe that it is one of the best phones that I have come across. Its slim, sleek, light and runs of Nokia’s S40 Platform.

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One thought on “5310

  1. my friend here in office also got this mobile one manth back. Really a good phone and very attractive look and the music quality is good (expect the volume in the loudspeaker ..its very less) … worth for the money given. One among the few good phones in Nokia.

    any plans of giving the T610 …let me know …me ready here to get it …

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