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TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday. There are a lot of plans done by guys as to what to do on Friday night. Movies, Pubs, Party at your Friend’s place, start off on a weekend trip and many more. Its natural to be like that, is it? My answer to that is a definite “YES”. You hang out with your friends and casually tell it to your female friends, the first question that comes up from them is that “Did you guys drink?” But the question for which they really want an answer is that of “What did you guys talk about?” Ha ha… There is a glow in their eyes, lot of excitement and they ears turn sharper. You tell them, that you were talking about future plans, career, chit chatting about the folks in office and all you can see is a big disappointment in their face. You might even get a remark stating you guys are losers. You might have really spoken about these topics but still you get such remarks. Every single damn soul on this earth knows that a topic on girls is de-facto when guys hangout. But still girls like to hear it from us guys. You tell them we also spoke about girls, and then there is an eagerness in their face to know what we spoke. But does anyone knows what do girls speak when they hangout. Any answers for this question……..



4 thoughts on “TGIF & Discussions

  1. You have no clue who I am but I certainly am aware of who you are. I chanced upon your blog and thought I’d give it jab since I belong to the opposite species. It might kill your curiosity or perk it even more once you read what I have to say about “what women talk when they get-together”.
    It all boggles down to how the XX chromosome is all wired up. It’s pure core DNA at work. Unlike men who talk mostly about sports and how to get a woman into a sack (which is also how the XY chromosome is wired), women on the other hand talk about families, relationships, feelings and of-course the subject of love, which would only run shivers up most men’s spine. For the most part most women have a sense of wanting to nest. Just like many birds and bees. It’s plain and simple. Biology in action. All species like to procreate in order to assure the survival of its own. And here comes the difficult part for us women. What kind of a mate do we choose! And how do we go about it! Not that it is difficult for a woman to find a man, but of whose sperm would she accept to make a baby is the question. Let me give you an example of my own life. My husband and me dated for two years prior to getting married. While we were dating I had these strong urges to have his child. I was very much in love with my husband when I married him. Things changed for the worse within a month of our marriage and we headed for the divorce court. Being the fighter I am, I didn’t want to accept defeat without a good fight. So we withdrew our papers and stayed in the marriage for longer than we should have. Though I put my heart and soul into my marriage, my urge to have his child diminished at first and totally evaporated with the coming years. Mind you, I haven’t said my urge to have a child died. On the contrary, it has only peaked. Peaked to such an extent that I have even thought about having artificial insemination had I found the right donor. That’s here nor there now. Coming back to the subject of what women talk when they get-together, it depends on what kind of company you are in and how close you are to this friend. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you killed someone. This friend asks you where to hide the body and if this is the kind of friend you are talking about then I would be totally and brutally honest with her. I wouldn’t have any inhibitions about holding my feelings in. First of all, when I do chance upon a man I look for that instant eye contact where both of us feel like we had a moment. Sometimes this could also happen after a friendship is built. Next I would look for someone who is thoughtful, attentive and confident of himself, but not arrogant. If I come across a man that I’m attracted to and who has touched me somewhere in my heart, I would definitely like to share how I feel about him with my friend. I would tell her how much I would love for him to caress me, kiss me with passion and make love to me in ways I have never dreamed before. This is how I felt the other day when I heard “the song” in my dream. “The song traveled through the worlds, then returned and touched me somewhere in my heart. I felt drowsy once again. In my sleep, the elemental longing of man and woman for one another danced before me like rustic lovers playing hide and seek. A dream world, entirely new to me, spread before me in my sleep. They both moved about in a myriad of forms. I could feel her love. And his….I don’t know. Probably will never. The song slipped away from my dream and the doors of my mind gradually closed even to dreams.”
    Looks like my reply to your blog is much longer than I had anticipated and I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully I might continue in my next reply if I haven’t bored you so far….til then, goodbye.

  2. Its really interesting to know that you are aware of who I am and you have really puzzled me with the very first line of this comment. Well thanks for giving me an insight on to what women talk when they get together.

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