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Well, all my friends know that I have the hunger for speed and in the process have gotten hurt a lot. But it has not deterred me from driving fast. I was once expressing my views to buying a car and my mom was like “You drive very fast and I don’t want you to buy a car until you get married.” Well I thought over it and finally decided that I would be buying a car only after finding my soul mate.

I am crazy about cars, well I donno whether my babe would love to talk about cars. But I certainly do love to talk. But if I were to buy a car, I would find out the specs of the cars that I like and CHOOSE the one that I want to own. But what if the scenario was the other way. What if you were to be a chosen one to own a car. Yes Ferrari did it with their ENZO and now, Lamborghini.

Lamborghini launched a breath taking master piece, with its intricate design which resembles the art of Origami. Reventon. You should be one among the chosen twenty to own one and it costs 1 million Euros (INR 5.7 crores).

It has a 6.5 litre V12 engine and produces an output of 660 bhp. Based on the design lines of the F22 raptor fighter jet, Reventon is a piece of art and Lamborghini needs to build machines like this, which would catch instant attraction and would cause everyone to say WOOOOOOOOOOW. You definitely need to be a chosen one in this world to own beasts like these.

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