Another day in my Life, Life

2.52 P.M – 11/20/07

I just came out of a complete blackout. I don’t know what happened to me. Did I sleep or become unconscious for sometime. No clue. I think, I slept off for sometime. This is happening for the second time to me. First it was at my gym and second today. Donno where this is heading to.

Time off from work and reduced stress levels might do the trick. But I have no idea as to when it would happen. I keep telling myself that I need to look into this seriously. Why the fuck am I keeping myself occupied all the time. One project after another with no time off between the two. I did go on a vacation, but it was too short. It was my fault. I should have planned for a bigger holiday consulting with my friends.

I once again tell myself that I need to look into this, but frankly speaking, I have no idea when I would look into this. Till then its happy blackouts for me. (Hoping that I don’t get one soon)

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