Another day in my Life

Catching up

Yeah !!! Its been a long time since I updated my blog. Off late, I had been scribbling yeah really scribbling only on this blog. Partly due to personal reasons and partly due to my hectic workload. I feel like I almost lost a significant part of my memories in the process. Well let me start off with where I left.

Orkut: Today’s fortune:

The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

Yeah seems to be right for some time now. Been a fighter of sorts for some time now. 

Work has been really hectic for the last few weeks. I completed on my prototype of a mobile application. It was really an enriching and thrilling experience to develop a mobile application prototype with almost no requirement and with just the concept around. I was really happy to hear that my prototype has been creating some noise in US

Yahoo says

If you are planning any upcoming travel, today it’s time to push your plans forward.

A slight miss in the timing of the prediction. The vacation is over. It was a quick two day trip to meet my friends and I had an amazing time. I would rate it as probably the best weekend I had so far.

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