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Ride …

The ride was long. The ride was bumpy and mercury was soaring. Suddenly I felt that, the ride started to be really tiresome. Having stretched to its limits, my bike was also pleading me to take a break. But I kept on riding, hoping to reach my destination soon. I was pushing hard.

Suddenly I realized, there was no use by me pushing hard. Although I would have reached my destination, I would have been torn into pieces and I would have lost my bike and would have not loved my ride.

For once I decided, to listen to my mind rather than my heart and listened to cries of my bike. Stopped by a tree on the side of the highway. Pushed my bike and parked it. Got down and sat underneath the tree and rested in its shadow. Watched my bike from a distance and realized what a beauty she was. I was really glad that she had borne with me throughout the ride, accelerating when I wanted and braked at my mercy.

After stretching my legs for a couple of minutes, I once again straddled on my Unicorn. As I increased the acceleration, my stallion roared with renewed energy and power.

I hit the road once again and continued my ride ….


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