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It was December 25. The climate was very cold and windy that night. I was enjoying the cool breeze and was lying on the beach. My friend was as usual talking about about life and giving his bit of gyan to me. I was looking into the sky trying to count the stars like a kid. The moon was shining bright and was in its full beauty.

Every now and then, she was making me feel of her presence by gently touching my feet with her extended arms. The waters of the sea was playing the touch and go game with me. I was lying down there with my eyes closed not hearing to what my friend said and was taking deep breathes as if this was my last day.

The tides were high as it was a full moon day and this was the first time I had visited this popular beach in Chennai. People would laugh at me if I said that I had lived in Chennai for almost 22 years and this was the first time I visited Elliots beach.

It was close to 9.45 PM  and I was damn hungry. I woke up from my momentary sleep and started to walk. I found a place where I would get Chilli Bajji, I love them. My friend and I had some 6 plates of different bajjis and then we decided to leave.

But the sounds of the sea and the pleasant climate made me walk to the shore one more time. I sat for some more time watching the waters hit the shore and recede, just to strike again.

I stayed there till 11 PM.

I woke up to sound of the telephone. My brother had called to check up on us. Tsunami had struck the beaches of Chennai that morning at 5. The place were me and my friend had bajji was no longer to be found. …..

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One thought on “Life

  1. Dear,

    I was feeling so happy reading almost till the last para of your description. I am sure you would have missed some one really special and i know what you were really counting the stars and looking into the sky for whom. Well, it explains itself.

    Shocked to see the last para. I think that was a narrow escape. Thats the reason why parents tell us not go to to sea shore during the odd times. Be careful dude and i am sure its a shock for atleast a month…

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