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What Matters ……….

The morning walks have begun. This time its not for keeping my body fit, but to keep my mind fit. All is gone and nothing won, and in the process, a heavy toll on my mind.

I hit the sack with a heavy heart last night, and I fell asleep due to the tiredness caused due to pointless conversations and this deep slumber was broken by a restless conscience which was tarnished to the core at 3.45 AM. What is the point, of stressing oneself when knowing that the problem cannot be solved. And from then it has been Eminem and Tamil oldies who have kept company.

Started my morning walk at 5.30 AM and as the fresh chill air entered my lungs, I felt as though I was reborn with every single breath. I was walking and didn’t think about anything that happened over the weekend. I don’t want to remember it. Every single step that I placed, I told myself that I have to de-stress myself so that I can live one extra day with my loved ones. It was for the first time in quite some months that I experienced the first rays of sun shine and the breath of fresh air.

I sat down by the garden and watch kids playing a game of cricket so early in the morning, and laughed it out whenever they had a fight, remembering my school days.

I tell myself, nothing is lost, for there is a whole life to live and as Confucius said, “It doesn’t matter if you walk slow, but not stop”; and all that I am trying is to run now and walk later holding hands.

I have to de-stress so that I can live one extra day with my loved ones. I am not going to entertain pointless conversations anymore and end up in a bad state of mind and one thing that I am very clear about is, not to battle for unknown solutions but think more about known problems.

Its Monday and I have no plans ………

I am heading to office with a smile on my face, atleast trying to.

Hoping for a new beginning.

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