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Monsoon woes

Its been raining for the last two days here in Bangalore and raining pretty heavily. As usual, I have stuck to my routine of getting drench and this time also the rain gods didn’t disappoint me either.

As lay down and think, what a pleasant climate. A perfect time to sip a cup of hot tea with chilli bajji or spend time chatting with your loved ones sitting in the balcony and getting wet every moment by the drizzles that touch you or enjoying the smell of the earth and playing a game of football with friends.

And where was I.

Well I was listening to a symphony. A Symphony of BLARING HORNS and countless voices. DAMN IT. I was in the middle of a traffic jam as usual and this time I was at the center of it. Not knowing where to go and trying to find new routes to reach my home.

Thanks to the Karnataka government for maintaining the roads in a good condition for the monsoon and with overflowing drains, rafting has the been the popular sport these days. Well make sure that you get all your shots to keep yourself save from viral.

If I can recall, Deadlock has been the most frustrating problem in computing and has been very difficult to solve. Well, who said, if you were to find out a newer algorithm, ask the bikers in the city, who stop by to solve this ever posing problem of deadlock when it comes to Bangalore traffic. 

All the folks on four wheel, complain that bikers are careless, they drive on pavements, medians, don’t show proper signs before taking turns, don’t even think that they are ones majorly contribute to the deadlock and don’t even think about thanking the bikers for cleaning up the mess created.

The very fact that home is just within reach and that it would take hours for you to reach home, drives me mad.

The last thing that you would want to experience when it rains is to stand in a jam behind a garbage truck. DAMN. The truck will not move and so can you.

Nothing will change and so will my cribbing. I think its just me who has to change or my location.

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