Another day in my Life

In lieu of complexity

Its cribbing time. Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can’t things be simple? Why can’t decisions be taken quickly? What is the harm in making a choice soon rather than analyzing too much before making a choice. Also why should we need to analyze too much when we already know that the choice to be made is already known.

Why should one go through this unwarranted thought process in lieu of this decision making?

But why me? Why should it always be me? Why should I be the chosen one all the time?

I made a decision which is why I am here today. Similarly why can’t people make such clear well though decisions, without having to spend so much time thinking. Sometimes thinking too much doesn’t help and it is a proven fact as well.

I always tell that one should respond to a situation rather than react. But when the response is taking a lot of time then its a natural stimulus to react.

Well.. Well.. I want answers and I want them quick



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