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Protta (Bur-ro-tta)

Ever since I moved to Bangalore, I haven’t found a single food court or any restaurant that serves proper Protta, with chicken korma. I am a great fan of this south indian delicacy. I usually have protta whenever I visit my native or Chennai.

2004102500920302 I had been to my native, Madurai – one of the cities in Tamil Nadu that has the maximum number of hotels. I usually visit Udayam Mess, which is close to my granny’s place, but this time I wanted to have my dinner @ Anbagam Mess, another popular non-vegetarian hotel nearby. As soon as I entered, I ordered for Kothu Protta. I was on two minds before ordering the same whether to have Chicken Briyani or not, but then I realized that I can get good Chicken Briyani in Bangalore but not Protta. So I ordered for Kothu Protta and Chicken Masala. And then I had Coin protta and Veechu Protta. After the lip smacking dinner I returned home and slept well.

There are different types of Protta, but Veechu Protta is my favorite.

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