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UNCLE ???!!!#***!

Are we that old? When was the last time did I call someone like that? I am really sorry for you buddy, you don’t look so old.

I hope Freddy remembers THE DAY. As usual, two jobless guys (Freddy and I) decided that we would go out and as usual stroll in MG Road and Brigade road; probably the only place in Bangalore where everyone is.

I met Freddy at his pent-house :), before we started. Freddy wanted to have a cup of coffee and so we decided that we would go to Chaitanya cafe. This time we preferred to walk. We started and as we strolled we saw couple of kids playing a game of cricket. We got reminded of our school and college days and Freddy was discussing his cover drives and etc.

Suddenly the we saw the ball roll in front of us. We were watching it roll in front of us and the kids were waiting for one of us to get the ball and throw it back at them.

But then came the sound call, that make us look at each other for sometime and laugh.

Uncle! Uncle!. Can you please fetch the ball?”, the boy cried. Both Freddy and I couldn’t handle it. I threw the ball back at the kid.

I said to Freddy, “The Kid shouldn’t have called you UNCLE

Freddy was like “Then what about you are you a small kid, you are also one UNCLE

We both tried to pull each others leg and finally remembered as to when was the last time we called someone “UNCLE”. Also we looked at ourselves and questioned each other “Are we that old?”

At the end of it, we both were laughing at the top of our voices.

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