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When one becomes another?

When does desire become dream and dream become prayer?

I have been trying to find out an answer for this question for a long time. It was now that I started to pursue for an answer very seriously.

Each and every one of us desire, dream and pray for something. But when does a desire of ours become a dream? Is it when we start to think about something that we lack does it become a desire and on thinking on the same does it become a dream?

But when does a dream become a prayer? When we start to dream on something and want the dream to come true, do we start to pray.

If someone can answer this question of mine or help me understand the same it would be great

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5 thoughts on “When one becomes another?

  1. Velvety says:

    Reminded of Kalam, who used to say Dream, Dream, Dream. Of course he is the first to say that. But I think there is no use in dreaming and praying, if one can’t get down to act. As they say: Ideas are cheap; execution is everything. Is it not? A good thought-provoking post!

  2. ramak says:

    when do we start to dream ? when we can’t do something about it in reality? when do we pray? when we ourselves are powerless and look for a higher power to help us ? not my answers. just thinking aloud…

  3. Buddy, Desire becomes a Dream when you start aspiring for the same… You keep thinking of the same, day-in day-out and you start to Dream about it… When you find small opportunities which tells you that you can go for and achieve, you start praying so that you get enough moral support without losing hope towards winning the same…

    This is purely my opinion… Another person might opine in a different way!!!

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